Thursday, April 28, 2016

!THE STANDFORD PRISON EXPERIMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MICHAEL ABREU!!!!!!!! fldkscifdjiscfdnhuuiafsdh!

Human personality can be a very interesting thing sometimes. A persons personality can have a lot to do with the environment that they live in. What happens when you take a group of good people and put them in a bad or uncivilized environment? Does evil make them evil or does it not effect people? A persons starting personality and the action they decide to take will decide how they may be changed by this experience. Jack from lord of the Files decides to be the hunter of his island stranded group and he turns into a bad person as a result. The same is what happens to good people in this prison experiment, some keep their sanity and learn from their experience and others get so into it that they lose themselves and become bad people as a result. A persons decision decides their fate.

Friday, April 15, 2016

Mob Mentality Michael A.

 Mob mentality usually starts with one person doing something out of the ordinary. More people start to do it and eventually it becomes something that everyone else does mob mentality can be positive but it usually is negative. Mob mentality can vary with certain situations sometimes people want to keep the excitement going and sometimes they are mad about something and get everyone else involved in it. In the book called Lord of the Flies, a large group of boys are stuck on an island together so there is bound to be a lot of mob mentality that goes on there.

In lord of the files there is a lot of different times in the book where the group in this book where mob mentality has happened. In Chapter 8 Jack and his small group hunt for pigs and like usual they kill the pig however this time it was different. This time they Beheaded the pig and danced around it. The mob mentality here is that when they first arrived on the island they hunted pigs for food and that was it but as time went by, they slowly went more and more insane and eventually started to take pleasure in killing pigs with Jack's behavior being the leading behavior to the littuns.

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Chapter 6 figurative language assignment Michael A.

"A sliver of moon rose over the horizon, hardly large enough to make a path of light even when it sat right down on the water".

This quote is comparing the light of the moon to the reflection on the water. He uses figurative language here to set the scene for whats about to happen. It tells that something is about to happen by having a calm start to the chapter. Also because there is a sliver of moon instead of the whole thing it becomes darker and since they are kids what they see would look like something bad.

                                                                THE MOON!


I chose this image because it fit the scene in my head almost perfectly because not only does this image take place over an island just like the book, but it also has something that looks like smoke and there was a fire that they lit around the island so that they could be seen by others and be rescued. Finally the last reason is that it shows the moon rising over the island.

Friday, February 26, 2016

Hitlers Propaganda: Parent and Student Conflict

        Parents and children had a very complex situation during the time of Hitler . The result of propaganda on children was huge back then mostly on children. With mostly appealing posters, Nazis made themselves look nice and proud to make children want to be like them, that was the first step. Next was when they went to Nazi schools those taught them all the subjects they would normally learn except the way they learned them involved more and more things about about Hitler and Nazi interests. Along with that, kids were also taught in a way where they would follow Nazi rules which gave them more power than adults who did not believe in Hitlers way of thinking which leads into the question. Why was it so complex for kids? The reason why also pertains to the fact that their parents taught what we consider the truth so this left some kids confused one kid even claimed that what his parents taught him was the exact opposite of what he learned in school. What the parents taught them was what was considered by Nazis breaking the law. So teachers told them to turn in anyone that would say Hitler was bad. Some of them listened to their parents but some even turned in their own parents because they believed so firmly in what teachers taught them. Thankfully things are no longer like that because I almost actually got emotional typing this up. Its sad to think that times were like that and I wish the best of the future for people.

What is Empathy?

What exactly is empathy? To teach people how to have empathy, understanding what it is is important. Empathy according to the article "Can you teach People to have empathy?" to empathize with someone is to understand how they're feeling just by what you know about them and more importantly if you don't know them, they're facial expression is. Basically to put yourself in another persons shoe's to better understand their life is empathy.

According to the article there is a definite way to teach somebody how to have empathy. The article suggests the steps that can be taken to master the ways of empathy. An alternative way is "a quick assessment of your of your empathic abilities" a test known as the "reading the mind in the eyes" is a test where you have four different words to use to best describe how 18 different are feeling based on their eyes. Most do very good at this test meaning that it works very well. The steps are still an option in case that doesn't work though. The first step is "to be present about whats really going on with in the unique feelings and needs a person is experiencing at that very moment." While talking read facial expressions to better understand where they are coming from. The second step would be to show empathic concern towards those who effect our daily lives. An example would be when putting your clothes on thinking who made them and what exactly it was that made them want those specific articles of clothing. The final step is to "become curious about strangers". This means that if you see someone who is upset about something and may need someone to talk to. By noticing these people you will already be feeling empathy towards their struggles.

Empathy does exist and can be achieved by anyone. Empathy is a very powerful quality that people have that ends up being ignored. "Empathy is the cornerstone of healthy human relationships.

Thursday, January 28, 2016


This article, known as "Mental illness sans cliches" is an article by Susan Brink. In this article She explains how people that have mental illness also have feelings of their own just like any other person. She exclaims that this is a fact that must be respected by us as people. Tv shows and other internet inspirations have been the laughing stock of many different individuals of the internet. The problem is that they are not taken seriously by other people. The Author has achieved the point she was trying to make in this article, she pointed out these flaws of respect towards those with mental illness. In this article she starts off with the fact that television shifts towards this and causes stress towards the national alliance towards mental illness. Which it has, there are shows out there that feature characters with mental illness's as the laughing stock of the group. It goes on giving a few other examples but the point that the Author of this article is trying to make is that those with mental illness should be treated with even more respect than those who don't because these people suffer every single day with their mental illness that nobody else has to deal with and even despite all that they still keep moving forward with their lives even if they are not able to physically move themselves. People that seriously care about them are the ones who guide them though life, allowing them to become just as successful as any other person and sometimes even more successful than a normal person.  

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Video message

The message that Suli is trying to give is one telling students that they like learning but don't like to go to school. I think that the point of this is to tell us as students that were smart but were very lazy. We want to learn what we want to learn. Having a set schedule along with tests and quizzes on things that we don't want to learn is not easy to deal with because we are lazy. Things like this also happen when there is something that someone wants to do but they have that one test, quiz or subject of homework that they still have to do that gets in the way of what they want to learn. That is why I agree with his message that students hate school but like education.